Solar panels on the roof of a building.

The state of the roof on your residential or commercial property is easy to take for granted. It’s somewhere you normally can’t see what going on and you trust that everything is ok – keeping the wind and rain out day today. By the time you notice an issue with your roof, it can be a massive problem needing a lot of money to fix. A commercial drone operator is qualified to carry out inspections/surveys using aerial photography and videography. An experienced drone pilot, such professionals at TB Drones have the skill to perform quick, affordable, and comprehensive roof inspections.

What Does a Drone Roof Inspection Entail?

The roof of a property keeps us safe from the weather, extreme temperatures, and bugs. So, when an issue pops up, it causes major inconveniences. To ensure your roof is kept well maintained, a professional should inspect it on a regular basis.

drone roof inspection is different to someone looking from the top of a ladder or going to the expense of erecting a scaffolding tower.

It is the difference between the two that saves you time and money performing roof inspections. A drone roof survey lets an aerial photographer fly over the entire roof to check for issues.

How a Commercial Drone Operator in the East Midlands Saves You Time and Money

  • When water pools on the roof, gutters get blocked or tiles are damaged in a storm, this can affect the interior of your property.
  • This is one reason hiring an experienced East Midlands drone operator like TB Drones is so important. They make it easier to perform roof inspection jobs.
  • Drone roof inspections are safer and cheaper than using scaffolding or ladders. They also help professionals get better angles and more footage than using a camera on a pole for instance. 

Other advantages of a roof inspection drone include:

Speed up the initial screening process

  • Depending on the condition and size of the property, roof inspection jobs can take a lot of time. There may also be limitations to performing roof inspections because of a lack of proper tools.
  • Drones take to the sky to give the inspector a more comprehensive view. They are a reliable and efficient way for inspectors to examine every area of the roof. They help them produce detailed roof reports without relying on ladders or binoculars.

Make hard-to-reach places accessible

  • A drone inspection allows the photographer to see the entire roof at once rather than pieces of it. Their vantage point allows them to snap clear images and videos. This makes it easier for the inspector to notice problems like water damage. Early detection of these problems saves you time and money on costly repairs.

Additional data

  • A drone with great camera quality helps the inspector analyze the roof in many ways. This can include using a thermal camera and to check for heat loss or creating a 3D model of your building.

Safer for the commercial drone operator

  • Roof inspectors no longer have to climb on top of the roof to perform inspections. The drone camera lets them stay on the ground and have a better vantage point than climbing the roof itself.
  • This alone takes away much of the inherent danger of the job. It also reduces the time spent shimmying up and down ladders.

How much is a drone roof inspection?

Drone inspections help the aerial photographer perform regular maintenance checks on your property. They make it easy and safe for professionals to check out downspouts and gutters from the ground. These benefits translate into more money in your pocket.

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TB Drones is a professional drone operator based in the Midlands, covering the areas of Derby, Leicestershire, Nottingham, Stafford, Tamworth and the surrounding regions. With years of experience in aerial photography, videography, roof surveys, and site inspections, TB Drones offers unparalleled expertise and top-notch services to its clients. Their state-of-the-art drones and cutting-edge technology allow them to capture stunning footage and images from above, delivering exceptional quality and accuracy to meet the specific needs of their clients. Whether you need drone footage for your business, real estate, construction or other purposes, TB Drones has covered you.

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